Missing the point

In an article in the Friday November 4th edition of the NY Daily News, the media critic took on the topic of news organizations beginning to do “mobile” live remotes for their newscasts. The angle the writer took was this new technology  was useless because there was essentially no difference from what could be presented from a non-mobile traditional “live” report.”

On that isolated level, he is correct. From what the viewer sees, in most cases it doesn’t look all that different but that’s not the primary function and benefit of this engaging this new technology.

New mobile IP (Internet Protocol) technology creates the ability for a station to go “live” with a remote camera, feeding back the signal to the station with no satellite truck or local microwave link. So you take away the need for a separate videographer, audio person, engineer and the cost of a satellite feed. From the station’s point of view they now created the same content with 1 person instead of 4!  In theory enables them to do more “live” shots expanding their coverage providing additional benefits for their viewers and of course provide significant savings.

This is an example of there is usually more than meets the eye and when you read anything related to media or technology in the papers, don’t take it on face value.


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