“Air Thunder “ case study, cross purposing content to extend the value of a broadcast

I designed The Thunder’s weekly magazine/news show “Air Thunder” with these basic principals in mind, the show would air on as many outlets as possible without having to be re-edited, providing additional revenue opportunities without any additional expenses. The program aired on Fox Sports Oklahoma, (regional cable) on the team’s flagship radio station, sent out as a podcast, posted on the team’s website, and posted on NewsOK.com.,.the multimedia arm of  Oklahoma’s leading newspaper and the state’s #1 web site.

By forming a production and distribution partnership with NewsOK, an additional outlet for the program was created. “Air Thunder” set records for page views on NewsOK.com.

The Thunder game production staff, producers, editors as well as the on-air television and radio broadcasters all contribute to the show as part of their regular responsibilities with no additional cost to the team.

In the show’s second year, the leading member of the state’s #1 morning radio show, a popular and creative personality who had prior in-market television experience was hired to host the show. This added yet another layer of cross- market integration to help build the show’s reach.

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