The Next Big Thing!

The next big thing? It’s Video!

I know what you’re thinking, but what’s going to happen over the next few years will be as life changing as the mobile phone itself.

The ability to receive video instantly on mobile devices without buffering or waiting for the media to load is the game changer. Over the next few years video is going to become the primary currency on the web, used interchangeably with written text. By 2014, it’s estimated that 200 million mobile devices will be video enabled in the USA. With that comes the demand to produce all types of video, long and short, modestly produced or highly produced, video graphics and live streams.

Estimates are people will use their computers and mobile devices for more time in a day than they sleep. Web video will go from a 7 billion dollar business in 2009 to a 17 billion dollar industry in 2012. To compete, every organization, large and small, and individuals will have to get into the video business.

The technology of sending and sharing video across social media outlets and web sites will be basically figured out for you by the major technology and media companies.

What will still be a mystery for many will be how to produce effective video products to reach business or personal objectives. How do you acquire, edit, write, coordinate and catalog. How do you create budgets, workflow and processes and find the right people that speak the new language. The key is becoming one of those people yourself.

Gaining the essential end to end video creation techniques and learning what it takes to produce efficient cost effective and impactful video is the key to navigating these new frontiers.

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