Multi-Screen Broadcasting

Mobile Video and social media are the buzz words of the new broadcast world and are rapidly being incorporated into mainstream communications.

New distribution outlets and devices make it easy for users to stream and download wireless video content.

Advertisers and Content Owners are lining up to dive into the world of  new media production and distribution, seeing tremendous revenue generating potential by adding advanced media platforms to traditional broadcast and broadband offerings.

Some are starting from scratch, some are updating their current operations, in either case success or failure comes down to a Digital Asset Management strategy. Without a carefully planned road map, there are traps that could turn a venture in video into an unmanageable nightmare.

A comprehensive strategic plan for acquiring, cataloging, editing, producing, re-purposing, archiving and distributing footage on multiple platforms is essential for any size organization to generate revenue, or create branding and marketing opportunities. Without re-inventing work flow and re-defining traditional roles, content providers will struggle to create any real value.

Vision, leadership and experience are the ingredients needed to create the right strategies for long term, sustainable success. Re-use of footage across platforms is one key goal.

Understanding the tactics required to take advantage of emerging technologies, create mult-platform production strategies and integrate social media into broadcasts requires re-inventing workflow and a detailed level of planning.

This business model takes the advanced broadcast process from start to finish, from defining business unit objectives to creating and distributing the final product.

The Thunder’s weekly magazine/news show “Air Thunder” was designed with these principals in mind. The program aired on Fox Sports Oklahoma, (regional cable) on the team’s flagship radio station, sent out as a podcast, posted on the team’s website, and posted on, the multimedia arm of  Oklahoma’s leading newspaper and the state’s #1 web site.

By forming a production and distribution partnership with NewsOK, an additional outlet for the program was created without increasing costs. “Air Thunder” set records for page views on

The Thunder game production staff, producers, editors as well as the on-air television and radio broadcasters all contribute to the show as part of their regular responsibilities with no additional cost to the team.

In the show’s second year, the leading member of the state’s #1 radio morning show, a popular and creative personality who had prior in-market television experience was hired to host the show. This added yet another layer of cross market integration to help build the show’s reach.

While at NBA Entertainment, Adelson helped build the league’s digital infrastructure, launched the first sports network created by a major league, NBA TV and built one of the nations first all digital newsrooms. He developed strategy to create one of the first all digital workflows using a central server to access video for production and distribution. Ken also started up the league’s efforts to preserve and digitize the 300,000 tapes that made up the visual history of the NBA, while implementing automation systems to handle the ingest of new material.


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